Thursday, 22 April 2010

"The Critics Speak"

I really should have posted this sooner, but better late than never I suppose. Here is Neil expressing his thoughts on the show, along with his delight for the reviews. Courtesy of


Neil is totally knocked out by the continued positive response Laughter in the Rain is receiving. Neil is equally enthralled by the entire cast, especially Wayne Smith's portrayal of Neil. Here is what the critics think.
"What made this production a standout was that the trials and tribulations of his life were slipped in effortlessly without the audience feeling that it was any old excuse for a song." - Gordon Clayton -

“Even the true fans in the audience could find nothing to complain about in the way in which Wayne Smith put across favorite numbers like Oh! Carol, Solitaire, and Laughter in the Rain.” – Gerry Parker – Crackerjack

“This is a great show with slick, seamless performances by all of cast. Not to be missed for entertainment value; Loads of fun, great cast and brilliant music.” – Lynda Ford –

“As this show goes on, you wonder how it can get any better...and it does.” – Geoff Billingsley –

“Laughter in the Rain” is a smashing night out and a fine tribute to a man who brought fun and melody to the charts. – Richard L. Lewis - Nowt2Do.Com

"Wayne Smith's Sedaka is remarkably convincing and charming." - Josie Balfour - Edinburgh Evening News


Well not really, but topping the previous entry has been proving to be difficult, and to be evidently still is.

What I am waiting for is some exclusive news or content which has been previously unseen or unpublished..BUT heres a little something to keep you occupied in the meantime. You only have FOUR DAYS to listen to this but is well worth it.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Neil Sedaka in Carmen?

Yesterday I blogged about an old friend of Neil's possibly writing a short piece about him, and I woke up to a lovely tribute to Neil from them.

"I met Neil in high school . . Abraham Lincoln HS in Brooklyn. I was a senior; Neil was a junior. We were putting on our senior class play; a take-off on Carmen. We needed a musical accompaniment and Neil was the best! Neil was the nicest, sweetest, modest young man who took total command of the 88's! At the tender age of 13, he composed some of the most beautiful love songs.Neil was a quite a talent."

So there we have it- Neil Sedaka at school! I didn't think that the blog would reach quite so many people, and its amazing that out of all this I got a wonderful account of Neil Sedaka from an Old School friend! Quite amazing!!

I'm not sure how I'm going to top this post but fear not I will keep working to do this space....

Monday, 19 April 2010

Neil performing with the cast in Bromley

As promised heres the footage of Neil performing with the cast on opening night in Bromley. The footage is take by the directors wife, so we are very forutnate to have it for this blog!!!

From bygone years...

I was contacted today by an old School friend of Neil Sedaka's, who said he was a "very sweet, likeable person" I have asked her to write a tribute to Neil telling us all about what he was like in his school days, and also asked if she ever saw him play, and if so what was it like?! Hopefully she will get back in touch soon and we can get a fascinating insight into what it was like to be around Neil when he was a youngster.

However, I cannot guarantee that she will do this for me, but the contact I have had with her got me thinking about life before Laughter In The Rain - specifically what the wonderful cast were up to before the tour began! Enjoy these snaps from memory lane....

Wayne Smith (Neil Sedaka) as the Pharoh in Joseph

Ed Handoll (Howie) as Buddy in Buddy Holly

Keiran Brown (Elton John/ Tony Christie) in a Kilt

Jody Crosier (Seymour/Professor/Barry Manilow) as Prince Charming

Julia Farino (Eleanor Sedaka) as Cosette in Les Miserables

Alistair Natkiel (Don Kirshner) as Grand Duke Dimitri in Rasputin

Caroline Dennis (Aunt Ann/Mrs Grenfield/Mrs Strassberg) as Liza Minelli

Jade Sampson (Ronnie Sedaka) performing with 7th Wonder

Charlie Adams (David/Stoller/Messenger) as Ugly Sister in Cinderella

Carla Freeman (Aunt Molly/Connie Francis/Cynthia Weil) as Maria Elena Holly in Buddy

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: A Tribute

Edward Ray Cochran (October 3, 1938 – April 17, 1960) As we approach the 50 year anniversary of the death of Eddie Cochran, it seems only right that a blog with content such as our own should pay tribute to such a great musician. So enjoy the clip below, probably his greatest hit- "Summertime Blues".

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

How Exciting! Just when I thought today was going to be an unsuccessful days blogging I recieve an email from Bill Kenwrights office, with their official promotional footage for my blog!!!!

They are really excited about the online following that has emerged surrounding the show and keen to provide me with more material for the site- including some footage of Neil Sedaka on stage with the performers, filmed by the show's direcotr's wife!! Watch this space for that- in the meantime, enojoy some of the highlights of Laughter In The Rain!

For all those budding Neil Sedaka's...

I have been thinking of new things to post up on here which may not be directly about the show, I wasn't have too much luck finding inspiration online, and as the show is so fantastic I think perhaps I may have been avoiding straying slightly off topic!


Then I came across "The Ultimate Songwriting Blog" and thought perhaps, seeing as the show's focus is a songwriter, that there might be some helpful hints to those of you who perhaps are Sedaka's in the making! As I read further I thought that regardless of whether you are a budding new songwriter or not, it may well be of interest to learn about the process which is so dear to Neil Sedaka, and indeed Howie Greenfield's heart. HERE is the link to the Ultimate Songwriting Blog. But if you don't fancy reading it, I've posted the 3 best tips that I find on the site.


"It's much easier to write about what you know than what you've never been through. It comes from within. You should however think of your market and give your songs a global appeal. "


"Similarly, you should carry a notebook. Jot down these ideas. They come unexpectedly. Some of the greatest hits that were ever written started with one simple, stupid idea. Don't miss out. "


"As far as I'm concerned, you should say what you have to say and call it quits. Don't worry too much about facts. Work every bit of emotion into your song and your song writing. You're writing songs to impact on people's feelings."

Friday, 9 April 2010

Some production shots

Hey all, here are some of the official shots, sent to me by Bill Kenwright. I am in the process of trying to convince them to let me have some shots that have not been seen before, so hopefully they will find some that suit and I can get those posted up here.

In the meantime- Enjoy these!

Bill Kenwright Ltd presents Laughter In The Rain

The official Laughter In The Rain website has been updated- some new production photos and cast information, its well overdue- but glad to see such a talented cast and a fantastic show credited on the Kenwright website- at Last!! Hit the link below to see all the info about Laughter In The Rain.

Bill Kenwright Ltd presents Laughter In The Rain

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Neil Sedaka Performs With The Cast in Bromley

The man himself, Neil Sedaka was up on stage with the cast of Laughter In The Rain! He performed several of his greatest hits and really enjoyed performing with the cast and watching them perform the show of his life story. Have a look at some exclusive photgraphs I was sent of the man himself up on stage- and watch this space for some video footage that was taken from the auditorium the very same night.