Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Neil Sedaka in Carmen?

Yesterday I blogged about an old friend of Neil's possibly writing a short piece about him, and I woke up to a lovely tribute to Neil from them.

"I met Neil in high school . . Abraham Lincoln HS in Brooklyn. I was a senior; Neil was a junior. We were putting on our senior class play; a take-off on Carmen. We needed a musical accompaniment and Neil was the best! Neil was the nicest, sweetest, modest young man who took total command of the 88's! At the tender age of 13, he composed some of the most beautiful love songs.Neil was a quite a talent."

So there we have it- Neil Sedaka at school! I didn't think that the blog would reach quite so many people, and its amazing that out of all this I got a wonderful account of Neil Sedaka from an Old School friend! Quite amazing!!

I'm not sure how I'm going to top this post but fear not I will keep working to do so...watch this space....

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