Thursday, 22 April 2010

"The Critics Speak"

I really should have posted this sooner, but better late than never I suppose. Here is Neil expressing his thoughts on the show, along with his delight for the reviews. Courtesy of


Neil is totally knocked out by the continued positive response Laughter in the Rain is receiving. Neil is equally enthralled by the entire cast, especially Wayne Smith's portrayal of Neil. Here is what the critics think.
"What made this production a standout was that the trials and tribulations of his life were slipped in effortlessly without the audience feeling that it was any old excuse for a song." - Gordon Clayton -

“Even the true fans in the audience could find nothing to complain about in the way in which Wayne Smith put across favorite numbers like Oh! Carol, Solitaire, and Laughter in the Rain.” – Gerry Parker – Crackerjack

“This is a great show with slick, seamless performances by all of cast. Not to be missed for entertainment value; Loads of fun, great cast and brilliant music.” – Lynda Ford –

“As this show goes on, you wonder how it can get any better...and it does.” – Geoff Billingsley –

“Laughter in the Rain” is a smashing night out and a fine tribute to a man who brought fun and melody to the charts. – Richard L. Lewis - Nowt2Do.Com

"Wayne Smith's Sedaka is remarkably convincing and charming." - Josie Balfour - Edinburgh Evening News


  1. I don't know if you keep up with this blog anymore... but I love your Neil Sedaka news! He's a living legend!

    Have you seen this recent interview? Love him!

  2. Great blog! Hopefully there will be future posts...?

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